Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day – Kati's Favorite Poem

Daisies in My Hair and Tulips in a Mason Jar
by Shana Hart

I want to be crazy
in love

I want my eyes to smile

I want to build a house that smells like him
and tastes like us

I want wood floors that creak with his existence 

I want a clothesline to air our dirty laundry

Let the weeds grow tall hiding idiosyncrasies

I want a swing in our backyard that reaches
the rooftops and doesn't leave splinters

When night falls I want to live by candlelight
and the luxury of him

Listen to murmuring hearts and 
let our bodies talk then finally
images of us

to pull at my sides
begging me to teach
helping me to learn

let there be something awesome
immortal and mightier than us

and let us believe in it together


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