Monday, February 2, 2009

Vintage Card Catalog Love - Contest: What would you do with it?

So I was looking at the blog Apartment Therapy when I came across this post about old card catalogs and what they could be used for. This one is actually holding bottles of wine. I love vintage card catalogs and have a few smaller ones myself. I use them to hold art supplies. I love that they have these small separate drawers that are perfect for organizing brushes, carving tools, paints and such. You get the picture.

So tell me. What would you do with an old card catalog? Leave your idea in a comment. The most creative idea will receive one of my printable stationery templates of your choice.

If you haven't seen them yet. Click the Juniper Jeffries link on the left side bar and take a look. I will pick the winner next Monday, February 9th at noon (mst)!


  1. Love the wine bottle idea but I would build it into my kitchen and use it to store herbs and spices, a different one for each drawer. I might line the drawers first though ;-)

  2. Photos! How wonderful to have each year at your fingertips on the front of each drawer.

  3. My grandfather added on a bedroom 1/2 level below the living room. In one wall along the half-flight of stairs down to the new bedroom he built a card catalog into the wall. As a child all I knew was that this incredibly cool wall had tons and tons of little tiny drawers (which I was not allowed to explore unfortunately). It seemed like magic.

  4. Having two 72 card catalogs for storing my flytying materials was a godsend but Katrina took them both and all the contents. I have since been able to find one but still searching for at least one more as they are invaluable for organizing and storing flytying tools and materials both natural and synthetic.